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ISE domain for distributed deployment

Deploying multiple PSN's with a distributed deployment, do all the PSN's have to be in the same domain? I have 6 set up in one domain, and would like to run a few more through firewalls and using a different dns domain.

Also interested to see how AD integration works with this. I'd still expect to join the nodes to the common AD domain. Would they be able to join an AD domain which isn't linked with their FQDN?

I'm hoping that running the other policy nodes on an external domain, I can use a standard CSR for the external public certs.

All comments, suggestions, spoliers welcomed!

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Re: ISE domain for distributed deployment

To explain my poor wording, I'm looking to connect all nodes to the same AD domain, but some of them sit in a different DNS domain. Warping my mind trying to figure out if it's a problem

Cisco Employee

Re: ISE domain for distributed deployment

The DNS domains of the ISE nodes may differ from that of the AD domain.

For example, we may have an ISE node with FQDN and join it to an AD domain demo.local. Therefore, we could have ISE nodes with different DNS domains all join to the same AD domain. The main requirement is that the DNS servers configured in the ISE node need to be able to resolve all the records for the AD domains.

Please take a look at

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