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CISCO LoRaWAN Gateway (IXM-LPWA-800-16-K9) - RADIUS access

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Dear All,

I'm not able to find out if the CISCO LoRaWAN Gateway (Model IXM-LPWA-800-16-K9) have the possibility to enable the RADIUS access. So I can use ISE to handle accounting for it.

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I don't see RADIUS listed on the datasheet:

What is your use-case for ISE integration?  You mention accounting only?  

Hi ahollifield,

    honestly I would like to integrate ISE for security reasons!

But I, at this point, I don't think it will be possible... I'm not able to find out anything about that.

"Security reasons" - Like what?  RADIUS? EAP? TACACS+? Controlling users/devices connecting to the gateway?  Or device administration to the device iteself?

Nope, I meant for the device administration.

Actually we use RADIUS + ISE to admin MultiTech devices and we want to verticalize all CISCO devices also!  

RADIUS is not supported by the IXM gateway.

Thank you all for the support, much appreciated!

Now we have to replace all CISCO GW for security hardening....