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Activity in Internet of Things (IoT)

IR1101-K9 WebUI Day0 configuration problems

Step 10If you have web connectivity, the device will try to connect. It is recommended that you close the browser session and move to the newly configured WebUI ip address.Hello,I have two problems with Day0 configuration of IR1101-K9 with 17.9.1 fir...

Resolved! "ntp refclock ptp"

All:I recently purchased a Catalyst IE-9300 for comparison/replacement of the IE-5000.I see the Catalyst IE-9300 supports "ntp refclock ptp" (*) allowing NTP reference clock to be PTP Boundary Clock (PTP Client).Are there any other IE-series switches...

CIP Security - Cell Firewalls

Rockwell's FactoryTalk services (Platform, Networking Manager, View Software, Policy Manager, System Services) as a product group achieve device authentication, data integrity and data confidentiality, by means of certification, cryptographic protoco...

aavnet89 by Beginner
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Cyber Vision & Remote Access of OT equipment's

Hi, Can someone please share a document to refer to detailed packet flow in case of Cyber vision? As the OT sensors are transmitting over non-IP protocols, how does Cyber Vision decode & understand there non IP protocols ?  Also, do we have a solutio...

tyagi.v by Beginner
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IE-4000 relay contact configuration/issue?

Hi, I have an issue with IE-4000 relay alarm (maybe same thing with with IE-3200). We are using NC = Normally closed in all other manufacturer ethernet swithces and we need to do the same with Cisco IE-4000/5000/3200 swithces. We have connected cable...

IOT in Meraki

How to setup IOT on combined environment? Say we have ION as uplink and Meraki switches ! How to setup the IOT vlan in MR and MS? Modify templates?

DNA Spaces - Queries

Hi, Below are queries raised by our client for the DNA-Spaces and I'm unable to find details for some of them, End to End connectivity of this solution.Need following details in each connections:APP/Port:Authentication:Encryption:Data Direction:IP Re...

Resolved! IE vs Catalyst IOS Versions

Having discussions with a vendor about IE vs Catalyst IOS versions. I thought that IE switches had their own flavor of IOS?Anybody know because there are a lot of CVEs that go back 10+ years and the IE switches where not around? 

blackant by Beginner
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error message in the web server

Helloin the cisco packet tracer I was trying to check the IoT devices that is linked to the server via the tablet. When I open the web server in the tablet I use to enter the IP Address of the Server(1) and once I want to sign up and chose a username...

bi30mi by Beginner
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Home network for practice

What products can I use to set up a simple home network for practice purposes.Background info: I have some knowledge and mostly hands on training. I’m looking to build my fundamental knowledge. The system I work on at work has been set up and it has ...

hiroshi87 by Beginner
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TSN Support in Cisco IE Switches

Hi all,I am wondering which of the Cisco Switches are supporting TSN or are at least HW-ready for TSN.Looking into the current portfolio, obviously only IE 4000 currently supports TSN.As far as I remember from some Cisco Live events in the past they ...

ALGO 8188 ceiling speaker

ALGO 8188 ceiling speaker is registered to CUCM 12.5. The ring feature is working fine, but the paging feature is not working. When I call the page number, it is busy and drop. Checked the syslog, I can see the call make to paging number but there is...

Cisco IR809G EEM TCL Script stuck in pending

Hi there, This is the first time I am participating in any community discussions. Pardon me, if I have missed any formalities. I am using IR809G router which is running on IOS 15.9(3)M1 with the I have created an EEM TCL script to be triggered on a s...

boneyact by Beginner
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