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Eduardo Silva
Cisco Employee

How do I get access to Threat Response?

Threat Response is free with selected Cisco Security products. To get access, simply go to the login page for your region -  NA, EU, or APJC* - and either log in or click to create an account. You can also watch this 1 min video on creating an account.

Before you create a new account, here are a few things to remember:

  • If you have an AMP for Endpoints account, choose "Login with Cisco Security" and use that account. You don't need a new account. If you have a Threat Grid account, choose "Login with Threat Grid". You don't need a new account. Customers of other products can proceed with the creation of a new account as instructed above.
  • If someone in your organization has access to Cisco Threat Response, AMP for Endpoints, or Threat Grid, don't create a new account. Instead, ask them to invite you to their organization, so that you can share modules, devices, casebooks, and snapshots. They can go to the respective user consoles for each product to send you an invitation.
  • When you create a new account, the first thing you'll do is configure a related security product to activate your account. Check out the configuration topic below for further details.
  • *The account creation option is currently not available in APJC.

Learn more about Threat Response here, or check out other FAQs here

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