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ISE 2.4 Integration with intune difficulties

Steve Talbert

We are trying to set up the connection between ISE 2.4 and Intune as an external MDM.  I am familiar with the content seen here, however it appears that Intune/Azure backend has changed substantially since then, and this doesn't directly work anymore.  I have also found the Intune section of the 2.4 admin guide, which also doesn't appear to match what is currently in place.

Specifically the following:

  1. In this documentation, it states that the Cisco Auto Discovery URL is the Microsoft Azure AD Graph API Endpoint from Azure, but that the format is supposed to be https://<hostname>/<tenant-id>, but the provided value from Azure is https://<hostname>, so which is correct?
  2. In this documentation, it states that Token Audience  is the public, well-known APP ID URL to the intune API, and is prefilled to be, however this is not a publicly resolvable address, so what is the correct value?

Any help would be appreciated.

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