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Automate HyperFlex install via HX Installer api


Dear all

I am working on automating HyperFlex Stretch cluster installations. Intersight does not support the stretched cluster setup, so I have to use the HX Installer appliance. It works all fine to import json configuration files through the gui and deploy the cluster. Problem is that it has to be zero touch. So I need to find out if there is an api for the HX Installer appliance that makes it possible feed the installer with all the information needed and start the deply process.

I hope there is some kind of api or even simple upload of json file to the HZ Installer appliance in order to accommodate this.

Kind regards / Karsten Hartmann Soerensen

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Hi Kahaso!

Unfortunately there's no API for HX Installer at this point, although I can say you try / test a manual configuration in Cisco dCloud in which you can test Stretched clusters using the JSON file you edited manually first, and then apply it remotely (maybe air-gapped clusters), check if you can directly reserve a session or ask your cisco account manager to help you with this access:

Cisco HyperFlex 4.5 in Action v1

Or another option is to use the pre-install tool which is hosted in the cloud which can assist you configuring the cluster before even trying to deploy, so you can edit / clone / validate even before doing anything:



then you can upload directly to the HX installer and apply credentials (only requirement during HX Installer deployment).

I really hope this is a valid alternative,





Thanks KyoCode

I have got a complete real life stretch setup for testing. I can do the json and install through the HX Installer, but that involves "hands-on" and I want everything to be hands-off. I got all my variables in database and can provisioning everything up till the point of doing the HX installation. Looks like I will have to generate the json file through templating and then manually import it in to the HX Installer. Just to get the project going and then later revisit the automation of the HX Installation. I am in contact with Cisco that have told me that Intersight will be supporting stretched in Q1 and that it will be my only way towards full automation. Just puzzles me that there is no api for the HX Installer. Strange. But ok. It will only require limited hands-on to load the json and run it. As long as I will get all parameters right and not have to enter any additional data manually int the HX Installer.

My goal is to go from unpacking to ready system in fully automated process. Up till the point where data restore to applications can be done by the application responsibles. The idea is to do faster and more accurate provisioning and since I will probably end with 100 clusters it better be automated  Another important part is to be able to do testing of changes fast in lab and be able to automate updates reliable and hands-free to production.



An update from me. Cisco suggest I turn to the Intersight Appliance, but problem is that it does not support stretch cluster yet. So, for now, I am stuck with generating json files and use them for a manual import and install by HX Installer. I am hopping Intersight will soon be capable of doing HX stretch clusters.

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