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Can we have dynamic dropdown list for user selection CPO web console ?

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Level 1

I need to provide end user a dropdown list or single select box in CPO web console , where they can select appropriate choice and then I can fetch that choice for another node.

Using Approval node I am able to get Select Single Box for selection but problem is I have to manually enter the choices, is it possible to update those choices dynamically through another node result.

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Tuan Tran
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

The number of choices are entered manually.  However, the choices can be dynamically updated.  For example, I can enter %Choice1% & %Choice2% where %Choice1% & %Choice2% are 2 variables.  Whatever values in those variables are determined at runtime time.  What that means is that what you see on WebConsole will be whatever values you have in those 2 variables at runtime.

Actually the number of choice is not static. For example , I am fetching the all available users from AD server, and then I want to provide those usernames as choices. The number of users will always be dynamic in this case. So is there anyway where we can provide dynamic choices in dropdown.


I tried and I was able to provide this solution using checkboxes, but in checkbox one can select multiple value, is there any way by which we can restrict the user to select only one checkbox

If we had an activity "Create Approval Request from Table"  (like the "Create Input Request from Table"), that would provide what you are looking for, right?  I'll put in a request.