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Richard Diamant

Cancelling PeopleSoft job if running longer than max time

We have some PeopleSoft jobs that we want Tidal to automatically cancel if they are still running after 2 hours, then automatically set the job to Completed Normally so the next job in the jobstream will start running.  We tried using a Job Event triggered by "Job running longer than its maximum time", with Selected Action = "Set To Completed Normally".  The problem is that it sets the job to completed normally on Tidal, but the job continues to run on PeopleSoft.  In other words, it's not cancelling the job.

Next, we changed the Selected Action to "Cancel/Abort".  This worked in terms of cancelling the job on PeopleSoft, but we can't figure out how to automatically set the job to Completed Normally on Tidal after the job is cancelled.  There is an Event Trigger for "Operator cancelled the job", but apparently the event isn't triggered if Tidal cancels the job.  We also tried using Event Trigger = "Job completed", but that didn't work either since apparently Tidal doesn't consider a job in Aborted status as completed.

Anyone have any other ideas on how to automatically cancel a PeopleSoft job and then automatically set the Tidal job to Completed Normally?  Thanks.


Hello Richard,

I would use the sacmd (windows) or the tesmcmd(Unix) to interact with the given job so to set it to whatever status you want ;

- You have to first let the event Cancel/Abort it if running longer than expected by using the built in function (Cancel)

- Then using the same event you need to trigger another job action that has the above tesmcmd command to set the job to Normally completed; for this you may need to create a new job that calls the tesmcmd/sacmd and then use jobset command.

now you need to create a job action that triggers that job which will allow you to override the command parameters especially the RunID of your failed job.. hope i was able to get it right unless if you already figured that out.


Yes, we already figured it out.  It turns out that "Operator cancelled the job" was the wrong Event Trigger  to use.  We tried using "Operator aborted the job" and that one worked.

I think Cancel/Abort means Cancel if the job hasn't run yet, and it means Abort if the job is already running.  You can see why that would cause some confusion.

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