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HTTP REST API call to CPSC 10.x from an external system


I would like to know the below items.

Is it possible to connect with the CPSC 10.x from an external system via HTTP REST API call to process a request and complete a task?

Is it possible to create a new ticket / request in CPSC for a specific service via the HTTP REST API call?

One of the use case is to know how many requests are pending in a queue via a HTTP REST API call? How to pass a queue name in the HTTP REST API call to get the result? These kind of custom piece is not available in the integration guide.

Is there any specific REST API guide available which Cisco provides for the REST capability in CPSC?

Any help is highly appreciated!


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When a task is invoked from a service catalog request to an external system, the request remains open and the task is pending until the external system issues a call to complete the task.  The API for completing the task is SOAP-based.  Check out the Cisco Prime Service Catalog Integration Guide.  Within the doc, go to the section about "Web Service Listener Adapter" for the WSDL.

You can order a service within Prime Service Catalog with a SOAP call, which is also documented in this same document.  Starting with Prime Service Catalog 10.1, you will have a way to order a service via a REST API.

Existing REST APIs are also documented in the integration guide.


Gunasekaran Subramanian