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Lost connection windows event log


I have found in the System Configuration a list of errors that I can have write to the windows event log, but it does not include the Lost Connection to agent/adapter error.  I am now looking at looking at taking that system "Event" and attaching an action to it to write to the windows event log.  Is this the best/most elegant way to go about it?  Is there a way to include the machine location (as opposed to the agent name) in the event?

What I am attempting to do, and this is coming from a thread in the CPO section, is create a windows application event when a connection is lost.  CPO would then be monitoring the TES server windows event log for such an event and perform some diagnostic and attempt to recover the agent.

Thanks for any help!

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When the master loses the connection we have a system event send a snmp trap back our centralized monitoring. To recover from Windows agent failures we have configured the agent service to auto restart and send a snmp trap back our centralized monitoring when it restarts to close the loop.

That is also an option that we have talked about, using snmp traps.  Another option we've talked about it triggering a job which would then use the CPO web services to run a process.

But I like the idea better to have CPO also monitoring the connections and doing something about it.  Using the Windows Event Log would allow us to do that.

In any case, there is also still the problem of grabbing the machine location.

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