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Queries on Web Services



   I have the following questions on CPO web services

1. How do we create a web service and the wsdl file?
2. How to use SOAPUI to validate the SOAP call is happening correctly  / not ?

If there are any trainings available related to my questions please provide me the link.

Thank you.

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Shaun Roberts
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

1. You can create a web serivce on any application you development. Now if you mean specific to the NorthBound Web Services of CPO, then those are predefined in the product, as are the WSDLs. If you look in the NorthBound Web serivces guide you'll see them. They are in the format:

http://:/WS/ NAME>?WSDL

A couple examples are



2. To use SOAP UI do the following...

A. Open a new soap ui project give it a name, input the WSDL you want to connect to

B. this will return all the methods to make web calls

C. Expand the method and double click on the SOAP Request - this will open the XML request

D. make sure you fill in the username/pass/domain on the Request Properties pane

E. Fill out the needed components in the SOAP XML message and click the play button at the top left. This will send the request and you'll see the return response from CPO in the right XML pane

If you need further help understanding this or using it in CPO please open a TAC case on CPO.

-Shaun Roberts

CIAC/CPO Support Team Lead

--Shaun Roberts
Principal Engineer, CX

Kyle Foo

Thanks Shaun for the detailed explaination. Aslo,

here is a good steps by steps for using SOAPUI to verify TEO web services connection:

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