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Using "Job not ready by start time" trigger on repeating job

Richard Diamant

We've got a repeating job that runs a new occurence every 15 minutes. I'm trying to force the next occurence to send an e-mail if it hasn't started on

time due to a variable dependency not being met.

I added a job event using the "Job not ready by start time" trigger, but the event isn't being triggered when the next occurence doesn't start at its

scheduled time. Apparently, this trigger only works on non-repeating jobs based on testing I've done. Is it supposed to work this way?  If so, I don't understand the logic being used. Just because the first occurence of the job was ready at 8:00 am, that shouldn't mean that the second occurence was ready by start time if it wasn't ready to start at 8:15 am, should it?  If not, then I guess it needs to be fixed.

Anyone have any other ideas? Thanks.

Rick Diamant

University of Missouri


P.S. I checked the Job Event Triggers page in Tidal Help but this trigger wasn't listed there.

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John Laird
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


"Job not ready by start time" trigger only applies to jobs that have a defined start time window in the job definition. Please check your job definition, Schedule tab, "Only start the job between the hours of:" field. This filed must have a start time.

If you continue to have problems, please feel free to submit a case with support.


-Tidal TAC


Yes, the job definition did have a defined start time.

My goal here was to increment a variable every time repeating job A failed, since we wanted the job to run and fail twice before contacting someone to fix it.  That's because the job will frequently run successfully on the 2nd try.  But we also wanted new occurrences to be skipped after 2 failures until the problem was fixed.  After more testing, I figured out that if I set the job to "Run Anyway" if job is currently running, and have a different job event that sets failed occurrences to Skipped, the next occurrence will trigger the job event that's using "Job not ready by start time".  If the failed occurrences aren't skipped and still in Completed Abnormally status, the job event wasn't triggered.

FYI, the other things I did was to have the job reset the variable back to 0 if it runs successfully; and set up a separate job dependent on the variable = 2 that automatically e-mails the contact person after 2 consecutive failures.  In case you were wondering what I was up to.

Thanks for your help.


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