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TES - Redundancy of oracle database

Ceceil Rufo
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I am interested in hearing what type of redundancy setup people have on Tidal Enterprise Scheduler (TES) database, specifically with oracle. Although any information will be greatly appreciated.

We are planning the possibility of setting op an oracle RAC yet realize that this is not true 'replication', if anyone is using this setup I'd be interested in hearing about that as well.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

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Joe Fletcher
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We've got Dataguard under our TES installation. Its worked pretty well so far.

A recent discussion with an Oracle rep suggests Goldengate may be worth a look too.



Jay Kish
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We utilize ORACLE RAC. We have a 2 node configuration for TES. We have been able to apply db changes without having outages. We are on ORACLE

Thank you for the answers. 

Could I ask are there any specifics we would need to know to install in an Oracle RAC environment?  Looking for any 'gotchas'.

RAC is effectively within a single data centre unless you have two buildings fairly close together. In our case our DCs are too far apart to run RAC in a reliable way hence Dataguard.

The only exception to the configuration you need to make is the JDBC connect. Make sure the string utlizes the VIP addresses to the databases. If you use the scan addresses you will not get compelte foilover and back capabilities. We had some initial challenges setting up the conect string so I just offer it up to you.

I am running TES 5.3.1



Why do you use the VIP addresses?  Is this only for failover?  I ask because I am running TES 5.3.1 off of an Oracle database, and am currently having issues holding the connection, and Tidal proceses causing locks in the database.  Never had these issues in other environments where TES is running off of MSSQL database.