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The external adapter process was unable to bootstrap in a timely fashion


Hello All,


After applying "OS Security Advisories" of CPO Server (Windows Server R2 / TEO 2.3),
"external adapter" don't work fine. (SAP ABAP Adapter)


"OS security Advisories" is below,
- Windows update
- Local Security Policy
- administrator user (=Tidal Install user) password changed (administrator user passwords are changed regularly)
- ETC.. (IIS Security Configuration ...)
- And System rebooting


To solve this problem, I had to check a few things.. (associated to CPO install guide - security section)

And to test, i reinstall CPO Server.

- Create New OS user (Only Tidal User, administration group & has full right)

- reinstall CPO Server 2.3 (use existing MSSQL DB - TEOProcess/TEOReporting)

- reinstall CPO Server 2.3 (backup DB & create new MSSQL DB - TEOProcess/TEOReporting)

- use new SAP .NET Connector (NCo)  :  3.0.7 -> 3.0.15

Despite many tests, the Adapter error still occurs.


Any hints ?


Thanks in advance,

GwangSeop   (E-Mail :





* Tidal Sever Log


||20|2015/04/15 17:14:42.617|5828|MainEngineThread|||{ entering AdapterStarter::StartAdapterOutOfProcess(entry ,adapter ,restartInstructions)
@@circular logging begins here
@@Logging from process Tidal.Automation.Server.exe(id=6884)
||21|2015/04/15 17:15:27.646|5828|MainEngineThread|||The external adapter process was unable to bootstrap in a timely fashion.  It will now be forcefully shut down.
||22|2015/04/15 17:15:27.651|5828|MainEngineThread|||} leaving AdapterStarter::StartAdapterOutOfProcess(entry ,adapter ,restartInstructions)
||23|2015/04/15 17:15:27.651|5828|MainEngineThread|||} leaving AdapterStarter::StartDormantAdapter(adapterId ,inProcess ,instructions)
||24|2015/04/15 17:15:27.653|5828|MainEngineThread|||The rule trigger provider for adapter d8236d59-323b-467f-8fdf-d7caa03157d5 threw an unexpected exception.  Rule triggers for this adapter will not be supported.
||25|2015/04/15 17:15:27.660|5828|MainEngineThread|||EXCEPTION (Tidal.Automation.Common.Product.RhapsodyException): The External Adapter Process for adapter BMC Remedy Adapter (d8236d59-323b-467f-8fdf-d7caa03157d5) was created but did not complete its bootstrapping procedure in a timely fashion.
Stack Trace:   at Tidal.Automation.Engine.Core.AdapterProcessStarter.CreateProcess(AdapterInfo adapter, String arguments)
   at Tidal.Automation.Engine.Core.AdapterProcessStarter.CreateProcess(AdapterInfo adapter, String channelName, Int32 port)
   at Tidal.Automation.Engine.Core.AdapterStarter.StartAdapterOutOfProcess(AdapterEntry entry, AdapterInfo adapter, AdapterRestartInstructions restartInstructions)
   at Tidal.Automation.Engine.Core.AdapterStarter.StartDormantAdapter(Guid adapterId, Boolean inProcess, AdapterRestartInstructions instructions)
   at Tidal.Automation.Engine.Core.AdapterLifecycleManager.EnsureAdapterStarted(Boolean haltingAction, Guid adapterId, Boolean checkForMissingHost)
   at Tidal.Automation.Engine.Core.AdapterLifecycleManager.PerformAdapterAction(Guid adapterId, AdapterAction action, Boolean haltingAction, Int32 remainingRetries)
   at Tidal.Automation.Engine.Core.AdapterLifecycleManager.PerformAdapterAction(Guid adapterId, AdapterAction action, Boolean haltingAction)
   at Tidal.Automation.Engine.Core.AdapterLifecycleManager.PerformAdapterAction(Guid adapterId, AdapterAction action)
   at Tidal.Automation.Engine.Core.Adapter.SuspendableObject`1.Reoriginate()
   at Tidal.Automation.Engine.Core.Adapter.SuspendableAdapter.get_RuleTriggerProvider()
   at Tidal.Automation.Engine.Core.RuleSystem.Start()
||26|2015/04/15 17:15:27.662|5828|MainEngineThread|||{ entering AdapterStarter::StartDormantAdapter(adapterId ,inProcess ,instructions)
||27|2015/04/15 17:15:27.662|5828|MainEngineThread|||Starting dormant adapter SAP Solution Manager Adapter (Beta) with id 95151695-aacc-4310-af5f-c38abfcea384.
||28|2015/04/15 17:15:27.662|5828|MainEngineThread|||{ entering AdapterStarter::StartAdapterOutOfProcess(entry ,adapter ,restartInstructions)


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Shaun Roberts
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Are you having issues with the adapter and running things against it or did you just notice that issue? We would need to see the whole log package so we could see the OOP adapter logs as well.


Normally I would see that if there are port or general connection/network issues back to the master service. But we'd have to troubleshoot the whole thing to be sure.


I would suggest...


1) open a TAC case and have the team review logs

2) look into upgrading, we have released CPO 3.1.1 just recently.

3) I'm not sure if 2.3.5 supports the NCO greater than 3.0.7, something else to review



--Shaun Roberts
Principal Engineer, CX

As your suggestion,
I would open TAC case.

And I had attached whole log file.
please check if possible.

Any hints will also be helpful.


We normally do not do full log diagnosis via the forums(too much to dig through). So make sure you open that TAC case and get with TAC on this issue.


Just at a quick glance, your SAP adapter is working and running and I'm seeing lots of errors from the SAP API saying "DETAIL: NiHLGetNodeAddr: hostname cached as unknown"


Quick google search on that issue brings up some articles like:



--Shaun Roberts
Principal Engineer, CX
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