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I am trying to run a Select query from Oracle DB job in Tidal. The results of this query can be output-ed in a CSV format. But, the requirement is for me to send out a CSV file, not just data in CSV format. I've this same requirement with XML output ...

Greeting,We are currently in the process of configuring Tidal 6.2.While we tried the out of the box Active Directory configuration, we would like to switch to LDAP, in order to avoid inputing the Domain (DOMAINE\Username) in every login attempt. Howe...

Hi Team, Can anyone provide the details how to communicate with AWS and Azure (create vms, create networks ...) using CPO? Do we need to import any TAP files,pls suggest and also provide documents related to this. My current cpo version is:

I have an external portal sending requests to the Cisco Prime Service Catalog via SOAP calls. In a particular service I need to include an Approval/Rejection task. Generally we add the task in the service plan to a Queue in such a situation. Can that...