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Where are the answers ???

Jan Vinter
Level 1
Level 1

I'm new in this product universe....

I have noticed that in this forum there are many questions but (almost) no answer.

Where is the Cisco/Tidal experts? Or is this just a forum for end-users of the product ?

Is there a knowledge base somewhere ?



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Tracy Donmoyer
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Level 1

This is my opinion/observation:

This is a relatively new forum set up after Cisco acquired Tidal.  Prior to the acquisition Tidal maintained its own forum.  I don't know if the knowledge base from the Tidal forum was migrated to the Cisco forum/website.  There is so much non-Tidal information on the Cisco site I find it cumbersome to use.  (I also work with product supported by IBM and their site is no better).

If you want an answer, the best place is always the Tidal helpdesk.

For a larger, historical repository of Tidal information, there is a Yahoo group (  Search for "SysAdmiral".  Tidal does monitor this group, but prefers you post to the Cisco Support Forum, naturally.


Tracy Donmoyer

John Laird
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hopefully I can clear things up. This forum is designed for you to  collaborate with other customers / end users of the product. It is  monitored by TAC support from time to time but if you need support, a  case should be submitted to the TAC for assitance. I have noticed a  large amount of threads being started with a support issue such as a  product error. Please submit a case if you require support.

If you have your contract number (maintenance up to  date) linked with your ID, this gives you the following key  resources on

  • Managing Cases Online – Create, Update, Close

To lookup a case -

To create a case-

  • Access to technical notes for the software

Tidal Enterprise Scheduler Tech notes -

Here is a short video on how to link your contract number ->

TAC support does not monitor the Yahoo group, we only  monitor this forum from time to time. There are a couple of Tidal  resouces that monitor the Yahoo group, but support does not monitor it.  Keep in mind that this forum is really designed for you to collaborate  with other customers prior to "reinventing the wheel".


Tidal Enterprise Scheduler TAC


This would be great as a sticky or as some sort of link list / web part on the right hand side.


The link you posted for "tidal Enterprise scheduler Tech notes" throws a "this page is forbidden" error.  Would be nice to have access to a knowledgebase; the documentation that accompanies the product is broad but not very deep.  I have a script that should be considered successful if exit 0 or exit 24, but nothing in-between....nothing in the documentation tells me how to add one additional successful exit choice appears to be either 0, or 24, or 0 through 24.  Obviously I'm missing something but I can't find the missing piece....I'm willing to check a knowledgebase before opening a I need to ask for special permission to view the page that you linked to?

You must be logged into Cisco and your profile must be linked to you contract before you get this resource as described above. Steve, I checked your profile and you are set. Since you are having problems, I think it is best to provide directions to find the information by navigating a little.

1. Login to

2. Click on Support Link on top

3. Be sure you are on the Product Support tab

4. In the find field, enter tidal and hit enter

5. Click on the Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler link

If you continue to have problems, please send an email to


Tidal TAC