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Steve Zhang
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

IR829 router is similar to CGR routers. And IR809 is same as IR829.

IR829 has one GE0 wan interface which needs an Ethernet SFP for connecting the WAN Ethernet cable in our LAB switch, four LAN switch ports and 2 serial interfaces.

Access the console of IR829:

IR829 is using a mini-USB port for the serial interface. Please use a Mini-USB cable to connect to your PC. You may need to install the driver for the console. Here is the link for the drive. The default baud rate is 9600. For details, please refer to Cisco IR829 Industrial Integrated Services Router Hardware Installation Guide - Connecting the Router [Cisco 800 Series ….

Bundle image installation on the 829:

bundle image can be used to upgrade the 829 - ir800-universalk9-bundle.SPA.156-1.T1.bin -- which has IOS, guset OS , Hypervisor from ir800-universalk9-bundle.SPA.156-1.T1.bin. You need to download the bundle image from CCO and uploaded it for IR829 flash by SCP, HTTP, TFTP, etc. For example:

copy scp://username@ flash:

bundle install flash:ir800-universalk9-bundle.SPA.156-1.T1.bin

The image can be upgraded using the 829 bundle image available here Cisco Systems CCO. You can upgrade the images individually also.

Please notify, the 15.6 or later can be upgraded from 15.5.3 only. All the other version such as 15.5.2 or earlier must be upgrated to 15.5.3 first, and then upgraded to 15.6 or later.

IR829 Configuration:

  • Step1: Configure the wan interface of the 829 router GE0.


Set the GE interface with the specific IP address and network mask.

"ip nat outside" to specify that the interface is connected to the outside network. If your GOS is assigned with a publish IP address, you don’t need to set the NAT related in all the configurations below.

interface GigabitEthernet0

ip address

ip nat outside

ip virtual-reassembly in

[NOTE]: Here GLC-T SFP for GE0 is supported. The OS version on which it is officially supported is 15.5(3)M0a or above. And you need to add the below CLI.

config terminal

service internal

service unsupported-transceiver

And you may also use the GE interfaces (GE1-4) instead of WAN interface to access internet. Here we use GE1 and Vlan999 as an example.

interface GigabitEthernet1

switchport access vlan 999

no ip address


interface Vlan999

ip address

ip nat outside

ip virtual-reassembly in


  • Step2: Configure the "ip route" and "ip default gateway"


ip default-gateway                              //or if you are using GE1 as example

ip router                      //or if you are using GE1 as example

  • Step 3: Configure the GOS and IOS connectivity interface - GE5


ip nat inside  -  Enter ip nat inside to specify that the interface is connected to the inside network and

ipv6 enable   -  IPv6 must be enabled also have to configured

interface GigabitEthernet5

ip address

ip nat inside

ip virtual-reassembly in

duplex auto

speed auto

ipv6 enable

  • Step 4: To assign an IP address to the Guest OS, configure a Local DHCP pool:


ip dhcp excluded-address

ip dhcp pool gospool


default-router                                 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<,GE5 is the gateway to GOS


  • Step 5: Nat configurations:


ip nat inside source list NAT_ACL interface GigabitEthernet0 overload

ip nat inside source static tcp 22 interface GigabitEthernet0 2222

ip nat inside source static tcp 8443 interface GigabitEthernet0 8443

ip access-list standard NAT_ACL


[NOTE]: Please replace the GigabitEthernet0 with Vlan999 in case the GE1-4 is used for connecting internet.

ip nat inside source list NAT_ACL interface Vlan999 overload

ip nat inside source static tcp 22 interface Vlan999 2222

ip nat inside source static tcp 8443 interface Vlan999 8443

ip access-list standard NAT_ACL


Make sure 8443 is enabled for further deployment of applications. Verifying GOS is running and got the IP address from the DHCP pool with “show iox host list detail”.

And you should have “privilege 15” to access the Web interface (such as IOx Local Manager) for IR829. The IOS command is: username yourusername privilege 15 password 0 yourpassword

Verifying GOS is running and get the IP address from the DHCP pool:


IR800#show iox host list detail

IOX Server is running. Process ID: 261

Count of hosts registered: 1

Host registered:


    IOX Server Address: FE80::86B8:2FF:FE9C:ED8C; Port: 22222

    Link Local Address of Host: FE80::1FF:FE90:8B05

    IPV4 Address of Host:                                      <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<ip address got from the DHCP Pool.

    IPV6 Address of Host:       fe80::1ff:fe90:8b05

    Client Version:             0.1

    Session ID:                 1

    OS Nodename:                IR800-GOS-1

    Host Hardware Vendor:       Cisco Systems, Inc.

    Host Hardware Version:      1.0

    Host Card Type:             not implemented

    Host OS Version:            1.28

    OS status:                  RUNNING

    Interface Hardware Vendor:  None

    Interface Hardware Version: None

    Interface Card Type:        None

    Applications Registered:


        Count of applications registered by this host: 0                        <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< applications running on the GOS


Starting Guset OS :


IR800#guest-os 1 start

Stopping GOS:


IR800#guest-os 1 stop

Upgrade of guest OS:


Copy Guest OS image to IOS flash partition

guest-os 1 stop

guest-­os 1 image uninstall

guest-os 1 image install flash:<GOS image in falsh> verify

guset-os 1 start

If you want to install the original Guest OS from the bundle image, you may run the below command:

bundle install flash:<bundle image in falsh> exclude HV-IOS

All the cartridges and applications for IOx are stored in the specific partition in IR829, and will not be impacted by the upgrade of Guest OS. If you have installed the cartridges and applications for the old Guest OS, all the cartridges and applications will be still there after the upgrade with the new Guest OS. (Please notify: for some early versions, due to the modification of CAF framework, there is some impact for the applications. You'd better remove all the cartridges and applications before upgrade of Guest OS to avoid the incompatibility, and then re-install them accordingly after upgrade.)


Steve Zhang
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Please use "show version" to check if it is the latest version of IR829 IOS/IOx. And use "show platform guest-os" to check if GOS is running. And you may use "bundle install flash:ir800-universalk9_npe-bundle.SPA.157-x.Mx.bin exclude HV-IOS" to re-install GOS image if GOS does not work.

hengchang zhao

Thank you for your supporting.   ---After reinstall it is OK now.

IR800#show version

Cisco IOS Software, ir800 Software (ir800-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.6(3)M1b, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)

IR800#show platform guest-os

Guest OS status:

Installation: Cisco-GOS,version-


IR800#bundle install flash:ir800-universalk9-bundle.SPA.157-3.M.bin exclude ?

  GOS     Guest OS image

  HV-IOS  Hypervisor and IOS image

IR800#bundle install flash:ir800-universalk9-bundle.SPA.157-3.M.bin exclude h                                                                       $all flash:ir800-universalk9-bundle.SPA.157-3.M.bin exclude hv                 

IR800#$all flash:ir800-universalk9-bundle.SPA.157-3.M.bin exclude hv-IOS ?

  delete  Delete bundle file after installation


IR800#$all flash:ir800-universalk9-bundle.SPA.157-3.M.bin exclude hv-IOS

Installing bundle image: /ir800-universalk9-bundle.SPA.157-3.M.bin, exclude Hypervisor and IOS image.................................................................................................................


IR800#show platform  guest-os 

Guest OS status:

Installation: Cisco-GOS,version-


IR800#guest-os  1 start

Starting Guest OS ...... Done!

IR800#guest-os  1 start                   show platform  guest-os 

Guest OS status:

Installation: Cisco-GOS,version-



IR800#show iox  host  list 

Host Name            IPV4 Address     IPV6 Address                                 IOX Client Version


IR800-GOS-1     fe80::1ff:fe90:8b05                          0.4





Thanks this worked!

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

currently i am having ir829 with latest version ir800-universalk9-bundle.SPA.159-3.M3
is there any way to assign static ip address to GOS, from a DHCP 
in my case after every reload ip address assigning to GOS is getting changed and thus forcing me to change the nat configuration manually.

i tried mapping with mac address but it doesn't work.
moreover i can't exclude rest all the ip address of DHCP, since there are another IOx application running in bridge mode which needs ip from DHCP.
please help me here Thanks.

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