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Webcast slides: Introduction to the Web of Things: What is it and why is it useful?


This event provides an overview of the Web of Things (WoT), from its definition and architecture, to its main components, scripting, and use cases samples. The WoT allows the integration of real-world objects not only to the Internet, but to the whole World Wide Web architecture. In this session the expert will discuss the description of the architecture and main components of the WoT, which include the WoT Thing Description, the WoT Binding Templates, and the WoT Scripting API.

In addition, the expert share use cases and details about the open sources available for the WoT.



  • Introduction to the WoT
  • The WoT Thing Description
  • The WoT Binding Templates
  • The WoT Scripting API
  • Use cases
  • Open source available


Featured Speaker

Ines Robles is an Internet of Things (IoT) consultant with over a decade of experience as an IT researcher. She is the co-chair of ROLL WG, an IoT Member directorate, a member of routing directorate and a member of general area review at the IETF. Since 2014 she has been in Finland at the Aalto University to pursue a PhD related to IoT Group management. In 2007 she started as a researcher on network topics at the GridTICs laboratory UTN-FRM University in Mendoza, Argentina. She has experience with different protocols and programming.


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This event is open for everyone, including Cisco customers and partners.

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