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AXL/Tomcat/Informix - Read/Write and connection capabilities concern.

Hi Dev Team

Could you please help me with these technical questions?


We are working with CUCM 11.6,

our setup is one cluster, 1 PUB 8 Subs 2 TFTP and 2 MOHs


What we want to do is to automate all the translation patterns in the cluster to change the called party transformation mask to a destination that is generated dynamically (end user specified), that automation would be every day at 8:00AM and then to be removed at 5:00PM


We have in  our cluster arround 10K translation patterns that need to be modifed.

We use the AXL schema to update them 1 by 1 (1 translation is a AXL write).


Wanted to ask you if you know the limitations of the CUCM 11.6 AXL capabilities, I know there is a service parameter that allows it update up to 999 per minute (default is 50).


We are worried if we use that parameted up to 999 about how this could affect the CPU performance.

Maximum AXL Writes Allowed per Minute: Required FieldThis parameter specifies the maximum number of updates, per minute, to the Cisco CallManager database and the LDAP user directory that can be performed by using the AVVID XML Layer (AXL) API.
 This is a required field.
 Default:  50
 Minimum:  0
 Maximum:  999


Could you pleaser help us on these points?


* By your experience, how the CUCM would behave by beingclose of using the 999 limit writes AXL API?

* We have a cluster to test that, but we are unsure how (and where) to get the performance metrics/analysis to create a document about how it impacted the cluster in the testing scenarios.

* Like AXL connections.

* AXL errors

* CPU ussage.

* Performance Metrics.

Thank you very much for your help.




Re: AXL/Tomcat/Informix - Read/Write and connection capabilities concern.

The maximum 999 writes per minute was "retired" after CUCM 7.0 (The MaxAXLWritesPerMinute service parameter has been deprecated and is no longer available.) The new method is Dynamic Throttling of Requests. You can read more here:


Basically, there are no limits for total number of records. But size of total recordes must be less than 8MB per request and 16MB is the maximum buffer allocated for parallel processing of requests.


You should program your changes to throttle or have a time buffer between changes.





Cisco Employee

Re: AXL/Tomcat/Informix - Read/Write and connection capabilities concern.

A few thoughts:

- AXL is in general not intended for this type of 'real time feature' application.  I'd be interested to understand the detailed business requirement here...perhaps another mechanism - like CURRI or a TAPI/JTAPI application using CTI Route Points - would be more efficient/effective

- My impression is that operations that affect the dynamic dial/routing-plan of CUCM can be very heavyweight.  Can't say if this particular kind of update would be one of those; testing should help understanding

- The 'Maximum AXL Writes Allowed per Minute' parameter is deprecated and no longer has any effect.  CUCM write operations are dynamically throttled based on real-time database processing queue depth

- The Real-time Monitoring Tool (RTMT) for CUCM will be most helpful for monitoring dynamic performance.  You can view/graph all of the items you mention below using RTMT

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