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how to relate cucm cdr log to AXL apis



I want to extract more information with AXL APIs, by using certain values returned in CUCM CDR log files.

For example, I was able to pick up origDeviceName from CDR log file and use it in getPhone API call as a name attribute value to get details of that device.

But, I would like to know if there is any AXL API which takes pkid (UNIQUEIDENTIFIER) with an example value of 494964c2-b8be-47e8-bbed-9d49abde145c, which is returned in the CDR log file?

I have attached example CDR log file.

Also, following are the details, I am trying to relate between CDR log and not able to find right set of APIs that can do this for me.

- get clear password for a device

- location of a device

- cucm cluster/pool information

- all endpoint specific data: sipuri, h323 id, e164 number

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

My understanding of the pkid/UNIQUEIDENTIFIER field is that it is a way to disambiguate otherwise identical CDR rows.  It should be unlikely/rare for any two CDRs to be exactly the same due to a valid call scenario, but this field may be helpful in reconciling sets of CDRs that may be duplicates.  As mentioned, this pkid has no relationship to the call itself or any related UCM database field.

Due to security design, no passwords on a UCM system should ever be available as clear text.  Passwords stored in the database will be one-way hashed/encrypted, and will not be returned in AXL queries.

Info on location, device pool, and the other items mentioned are likely available via AXL, it would help if you could precisely identify which data you are looking to retrieve.  Note, if you are looking up data from various tables for a large number of devices (e.g. all CDR records) it may be advisable to research using SQL queries to indicate the precise joins/fields the app is looking for, rather than executing a high number of serial AXL requests.

Thanks dstaudt!

Could you please direct me to some good documentation source on SQL queries  for AXL APIs?

The 'Data Dictionary' document associated with the UCM version - available in the Documentation area - is the main reference.  As there are a LARGE number of tables, and the mapping of these tables to UCM features and data is not always easy to figure out, fully utilizing SQL may take some investigation.  If you have specific questions about data or table relationships, we can attempt to answer here - the more precise the starting and ending data are, the easier it is to help...


Could you please include that reference link here?

I was not able to find it.

There are different data dictionary documents for different versions.  Here's one for 10.5:

Here's a search URL that will discover links to other versions:

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