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RIS Status Reason Code Documentation is not complete...

doug syer
Level 1
Level 1

I am getting return codes that are not in the RIS documentation.

When you go to the systems and error messages guide and look up the codes you can **almost figure them out.

there are 4 log types that seem to be relevant:

- device unregistered

- endpoint unregistered

- device transient connection

- endpoint transient connection

I am seeing codes from the endpoint/device transient connection.

I put together a spreadsheet of all these codes including the api return codes and there are some conflicts....looking across the status codes and descriptions...they seem to be **almost consistent...I also see some bugs in that documentation as welll it looks like...

some of the codes returned may depend on the registration state...if if you get a rejected it may mean one thing vs general there seems to be a consistently issue here...

Can someone at Cisco take a look and check the accuracy of the reason return codes and see if these are consistent with the reason codes you get through Cisco....I can share the spreadsheet if that helps someone.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Please do share any details you have, as it would be good to have the documentation accurate and up to date.  Especially if you suspect there are defects in the Risport implementation, I would suggest opening a DevNet Developer Support ticket:

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