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Simple SOAP request to CUCM failing - getSNMPCommunityString

Mark Dugas

CUCM version 14.0

SoapUI version 5.6.1

UserID = PythonU, it has Super User access control roles


I am building an app to do a global SNMP community string change across our enterprise, 71 clusters.  I am receiving Permission Denied errors in my code, so I went to SoapUI to do some basic testing.


There is a community string on my target test CUCM, CPC_PRIME.

The SOAP request in SoapUI is:


<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=""  xmlns:ns="">


The return from that request is:

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="">


I did an RTMT dump and have attached the axl log file.  Beginning at line 7231 is where my request begins process.  The error seems to be: /usr/local/Snmpri/conf/snmpd.cnf (Permission denied)


This seems to be to be a very simple request to test with, yet it fails.  I am at a loss.


Thanks for any help.




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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I was able to reproduce this problem on my v14 lab setup and opened a defect for tracking: CSCwa60166


It appears that SNMP configuration is handled by directly reading/writing to the OS (vs. the AXL-accessible database), so I don't have much in the way of workarounds to suggest, unfortunately.

It seems possible to use the SSH CLI to query for the existence of a known community string and add new ones - perhaps you could do something with Paramiko to automate; however that kind of 'scraping' solution is not going to be an officially supported API/interface so use at own risk...

Looks like CSCwa60166 is a duplicate of CSCvy78363 "axl 14.0 getSNMPUser returning Permission denied", which is marked verified fixed in CUCM version 14.0(1.11900.101).

I believe this should be picked up in the next v14 SR version.  The customer can work with Cisco support/TAC to confirm the expected release and/or request an 'engineering special' interim release with the fix.

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