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CloudCenter 5.1.4 - unable to add cloud region

I've just installed CloudCenter 5.1.4 and Iadded OpenStack Cloud but I'm not able to add cloud region. After I try to add region I'm getting error - "Failed to create region

Internal Server Error".


Could it be some bug or I'm missing some step?




Hi Michael,

I had the same problem for all the clouds, I had a sudden breakthrough when I tried the CCS Cluster installation using DHCP IP allocation instead of using Static method.
If you were able to solve using any other way, let us know please
Cisco Employee

I hope the following instruction would help you to figure it out.


yaml files are in the zip file.




I installed 5.1 on-prem last week and was given the following advice by the CCS DEs.


The external facing services type can be changed to NodePort for the services to be discoverable. For this to work, appropriate roles and role bindings are needed. Follow steps below.


  1.    Create cluster role for node access


Copy the attached file suite-prod-mgmt-clusterrole.yaml to one of the k8s node or to the location where you've remote access to the k8s culster


  1.  kubectl apply -f suite-prod-mgmt-clusterrole.yaml


  1.    Create cluster role binding


Copy the attached file suite-prod-mgmt-clusterrolebinding.yaml to one of the k8s node or to the location where you've remote access to the k8s culster


  1.  kubectl apply -f suite-prod-mgmt-clusterrolebinding.yaml


  1.    Restart prod-management pod


  1.  kubectl scale deployment common-framework-suite-prod-mgmt --replicas=0 -n cisco
  2.  kubectl scale deployment common-framework-suite-prod-mgmt --replicas=1 -n cisco


  1.    Change the below services type to NodePort


  •         cloudcenter-guacamole
  •         cloudcenter-rabbitmq-ext


  •         kubectl edit svc cloudcenter-guacamole -n cisco


Note: Manually change the type descriptor to 'NodePort' and save the service config


Now, add cloud/cloud account in WM/CO.


I did this to my installation, and can configure AWS regions successfully:


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is hosted in regions and availability domains. A region is a localized geographic area, and an availability domain is one or more data centers located within a region. A region is composed of one or more availability domainMyCardStatement

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