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hi all,we're required to migrate our Cisco Phones ( CP-7841 ) to Multiplatform.Unfortunately we're having trouble installing the required firmware that were provided to us.We tried the steps in Cisco IP Phone 7800 and 8800 Series Migration Guide (On-...

Greetings,      We are using Umbrella for quite sometime. I wanted to review and see the license type and details in the However, I can't find the details that satisfies what type, duration of license currently in use. If anyb...

Using Cisco Umbrella as firewall and attempting to play video that requires "jwplayer6" which is being blocked.   Where do I search for the Clients IP Address in Umbrella so I can tell precisely what's going on?   Thanks in advance.

Tree1964 by Level 1
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Hi everyone,I´m currently doing a POC with Umbrella SIG. Traffic is forwared from the DC´s Internet Uplink (~1gbit) using SAML to authenticate users. Custom PAC file is used with Umbrella Anycast IP destination.When comparing Umbrell...

Hi, We exclude certain parts of the Umbrella whitelist from threat alerts. What are the criteria for entering this whitelist? Do you think I should exclude the first 100k? Or more? Thanks,

sfk by Level 1
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Matday567 by Level 1
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hello  we just brought Cisco Umbrella Secure Internet Gateway Essentialsnot sure how to register the account as i only see the trial version is there and once i setup trial version there is no option to upgrade from inside thank you