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CloudCenter kubernetes deployment Failed - pod monitoring

Hi everyone,


Came here with a weird problem, I made an application profile in cloudcenter in which I set up a series of services (container type) and then connected them and creating a microservice application profile, so once I create i try to deployed in different kubernetes enviroments (some of them are Cisco Container Platform), so when I deploy the app profile I see in my kubernetes that the pods are created and running, and in the cloudcenter deployment details I see that there are some "boxes" with the little green buttom blinking despite in kubernetes the pod is running.

If i reach the app profle by the pod IP I can acccess to the application so the pod was indeed deployed corrrectly, however the deployment still in "starting" state due to the some boxes are still in creating state.

After a while a message appears saying:


Failed to deploy

ErrorCode: Unknown, Failed to monitor pod(s) for deployment <POD(s)_NAME>
but the pod was correctly started and running, so I don't know why some pods are good in CloudSuite and some of the are always blinking, I've tried the app in a k8s way (by making the manifests) and it works fine, so is not a problem of the app.
Anyone had the same problem, because is just some random problem. because some deployments fails in one pod, and others fail in other pod (which were fine in the first deployment)
Best regards,

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