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ACS 4.2 java issues

Recently we have been having issues where we try to add a client, and it takes forever after submit+apply, and sometimes it comes back with a blank shared secret error.  Sometimes we cant even get pages to display and have to reboot the server to get things working again.

Since it is so out of date, is there anything that can be done?

Riyasat Ali

go to and check ur computer for java n update it , it will work , i did


This whole Java versioning mess is REALLY getting old and frustrating..

I have the same issues - Java version too old - doesn't work / blocked due to security concerns - too new - incompatible, doesn't work / inconsistent results / crashes.

Configuration efforts that should take 5 mins end up taking 2 hours, or maybe not at all. -ds-

It got so bad we just went ahead and upgraded to 5.4.  Not an easy thing to do either, not a direct path to upgrade 4.x to 5.x,

Yeah – I am in the middle of a centralized WLC implementation, and I am being forced (budget / time constraints) to move from my physical 4.1 appliances to a pair of 4.2.1 virtual (on 2008 non-R2 servers – my VMware guys are hating it).

This is all temporary (or should be anyway), as I am working on purchasing a pair of physical appliances (the new ones that can run ISE, etc.) running 5.4.

Did you go physical or virtual for your 5.4 ACS implementation? –ds-

We went virtual since we also implement the Cisco VMware systems. Other than a few install glitches, the backup DB not restoring to a temp server and a few bug tht neede to be patched, it was fairly painless.  Growing pains as usual since the way  users are authenticated to devices, and what they have access to is now done under different windows and not directly under the users profile.  Cisco Tech support has been very helpful in getting us transistioned.  I highly recommend getting the support contract if migrating from 4.x to 5.x.



Please go through the following:-

Pages Do Not Appear Properly


Parts of pages do not appear properly, parts of the page are missing, or the page is corrupted.


To correct this condition:

Step 1 Check that the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is installed on the client machine.

Step 2 Check for the correct JRE for applets in the browser advance option. See installation guide for web client requirements.

Browser crash when trying to open ACS


When opening ACS, the browser crashes.


If you are using the JRE 1.5.0_00, upgrade to the current version of the JRE at the Java website.

Session Connection Lost


•The browser displays a Java message indicating that your session connection is lost.

•You cannot use the browser.


To correct this condition:

1. Check the Session idle timeout value for remote administrators.

2. Choose Administration Control Session Policy Setup.

3. Increase the timeout value as needed.

I am having issues after upgrading to a new laptop and os.  I keep getting Java errors like this

the pages take forever to load and sometime when editing a page it just locks up.

I have updated my java by going to It says I have the latest version.

Please advise

I resolved my issues by downgrading Java to 1.6.0_27 and using Firefox.  I can access the ACS serer now quickly without errors.

The way I found it to work is trying to get the Cisco Configuration Professional to work, it kept failing with IE and Java errors, so I uninstalled all Java, downloaded the version above, downgraded IE to version 9, installed Java, and now it all works, including ACS 4.2, though only in FF.

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