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ACS-4.3--User login issue

Anukalp S

Hi All,

I have been running ACS 4.3 version in my enviroment. So far everything have been going good since all devices are authenticating with my team members. But now i have been told to provide authentication to other members on only some devices(2to3) and to make it happen i mapped these devices on another device group and created seperated user name under this group so that user on this device group should have access to only these devices. But things are going different, i could see that  this user are also having access on all other devices which are mapped with another different device group. I also tried network access restriction but i got failed.

So seeking for anyone who can help me to sort out this, it will be really appreciable.

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Hi Anukalp,

The latest ACS 4.x version is so is not clear which is your ACS version, however if you want to restrict AAA client access to a User group you need to use NAR, could you share with us your NAR configuration?

Are these devices using TACACS+ or RADIUS?

Hi Mauricio..Apologies for typo ACS ver is 4.2. below is screen shot of NAR in which i added particular device to which to provide authentication to user.

but after selecting this device user is not able to login into this device. Pls suggest.

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