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ACS 5.2 - Scheduled backup - secondary instance

Pierre Dubois


I’m going through the config of both primary and secondary instances.

I noticed that there are some differences between instances. In the CLI, on the secondary instance, there’s nothing for:

  • Repository
  • Kron (scheduled backups)

In case of the primary instance goes down for a while, the secondary will take the lead. In that scenario, :

  • Does the secondary keep backing up accordingly to defined schedules?
  • Can we restore a previous config from a primary instance backup?

In other words, do we need to define repository and schedules backups on secondary instance too?

Thank you in advance for your reply.

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Backup schedule is part of the system configuration. When a secondary assumes the primary role it should continue to work according to the defined scheduled

If you define a repository from the GUI (see System Administration >  Operations > Software Repositories)

then it does get replicated to all the servers in the deployment. Repositories created from the CLI do not get replicated

Since this is so critical obviously worth testing first to make sure all is working should it be required

Can do the following

- define repository from the GUI. Confirm it is defined on both primary and secondary

- define backup schedule

  - confirm primary backs up as defined

  - promote a seconday

  - confirm that next backup occurs at newly promoted secondary

In case primary goes down just promote the secondary. It should already have the database

Thanks for your reply.

I checked Software repositories and Scheduled backups on both instances from the GUI and settings are the same

Backups are already working fine from primary instance.

If I understand well, next steps are :

  • promoting secondary as primary (primary becomes secondary)
  • wait for the backup to be run on next schedule

Could you please confirm ?

From Monitoring Config. --> Data Management --> Restore, there's a list of incremental backups done:

For specific reasons, some of them have been deleted. Is it possible to remove them from this view as well ?

Any idea ?


I promoted on last friday secondary as primary and vice-versa. This morning, I checked the logs on my ftp server. It happears that the one which were previously the main instance (actually secondary) did the backup. It means that the actual primary instance didn't make any backup.

What's the reason for that ? Is it a normal behaviour ?



Any idea regarding the backups I mentioned above ?

For me, the major issue would come in case of replacement of primary instance. We'll have to re-configure backup on newly promoted instance. And I'm pretty someone will forget that... Any clue on how to solve it ?


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