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Authorization Profile Attr 25 Group_Name

Hey all,

I am trying to finalize my ISE Checkpoint Radius connection for VPN Authentication. Only problem I have, in authorization process, I want ISE to send first Group of user (I am authenticating internally) to checkpoint as attr 25. 

However ISE sends "User Identity Group:Group_Name" which checkpoint does not understand prefix. I need class 25 attribute as only Group_Name to be delivered to checkpoint. Can I twick ISE to do that by creating new attribute in dictionary maybe?

Thanks in advance!

PS:. I know I can create several Profiles with manually added Group names and create Policies based on OU but I want it to be one policy where first group name will be delivered automatically but without prefix.


Arne Bier
VIP Advisor

Hi @OrkhanRustamli 


There is no way to manipulate the RADIUS Attribute strings in the Authorization profile. E.g. if you wanted to strip/add some text to an attribute :-( - this should be a standard feature of any RADIUS server - but ISE is very prescriptive in this regard.


You wanted to map only the Identity Group name to the RADIUS Class attribute - ISE has a Common Task for that called "ASA-VPN" - it automatically brings up the drop down list - and if you choose Identity Group Name, then ISE still prefixes the Group Name with the string "User Identity Groups:" - is there any feature in the Checkpoint that allows you to match on a regex?

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