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Blocking of Dual-homed network using Cisco ISE

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I have a use case scenario when a user connect using LAN interface in the computer, the WLAN interface should be blocked and vice versa. Can this be done using Cisco ISE ?

Need a quick response regarding this.

Thanks  in advance


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

If those are Windows machines you can use the Cisco AnyConnect Network Module instead of the Windows supplicant and configure it to automatically disable the wireless network. You can also use GPO to control this (if the machines are joined to your domain). Also, Windows 8 and newer do this natively (as soon as the machine is wired the wireless connection is disconnected).

I hope this helps!

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Hi Neno;

Thanks for the quick reply.

Yep. This can be done using AnyConnect NAM. But the user  still have the visible wireless connection in the Laptop. So what I want is disable the windows wireless LAN port when a LAN cable is connected.

Please respond.

Unfortunately there is no such feature/setting in ISE. If those machines are part of your AD then I would suggest trying to control this via Group Policy.

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