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BYOD Onboarding for Android v11 and vXX

Hi All,

How can we make the onboarding process easy for platforms like Android v11 and vX? Since we are using AD authentication, the whole process for onboarding is long. 


We have Cisco Meraki -> Cisco ISE. I am planning to go for EMM services. But I am not sure how much the process will be reduced, since we have all on production.


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Arne Bier
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What is the exact pain point you're facing (i.e. for easier onboarding) ? Is this ISE BYOD onboarding?


Whether you use ISE or an EMM for onboarding BYOD devices, the decision will come down to cost and experience. If the BYOD devices are deployed with certificates, then the EMM should at least renew those certs without the user having to be concerned with it. With ISE BYOD the cert renewal requires another onboarding walk-through and I don't think the user has any choice when this happens - it could be somewhat disruptive.



Let me keep it simple understanding.


When a user tries to connect BYOD SSID, the whole process to complete is big in the Android v10 and Android v11. Since we are using Single SSID.

So my simple question from the customer side when we face this issue,  how can we make the whole process simple.

Now there is a new Android v12 there will be no option called Don't Validate.

I have the user guide which I can share one to one so that you can understand, it is difficult for a non-tech or any top-level mgmt to flow all these steps.

Please help me with this. I all open a tac case in which they said the Cisco Dev team is working on this but there is no timeline.