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Cisco ACS database tuning

Shobith K


I would like to know best ways for tuning Cisco ACS database.  Now the database size has grown up and causing performance problems.  We are running Cisco ACS 4.2 on Windows server 2003 R3. SP2

What is the best possible way to tune Cisco ACS performance.

What is the best possible design consideration in deploying 6 ACS servers and in replicating mode? Can i use one database for all the 6 ACS servers. Is this feasible?

Any docs which talks about all these would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi there,

About the database size growing issue, I have seen issue similar in the past and could be related to the Service Control option, make sure it's configured Low. This option is located under System Configuration.

Regards the replication issue, in the past I have seen even 7 servers in cascade replicating fine, although depending on different factors like distance, devices in between, amount of data, etc. The replication may flow may get affected. I am not sure which will be your requierements but using one server to replicate the information to the other units is a good option, I prefer this one than cascade replication.

Thanks for the reply.  The database size is because of the number of leap passwords added.  We have retail estate which has 10 thousands of devices connected.  Current database size is around 1.6GB and growing.

Outside of manually deleting the logs files, and making sure that the service control is not set to full. Your best bet would be consider upgrading (purchasing) ACS 5.x. You can set purge cycles in order to have this automated:

Tarik Admani
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