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Cisco ACS server 5.1 console login

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Level 1

I have ACS server 5.1 virtual appliance.  It is functioning properly in terms of performing its radius and tacacs responsibilities.  However, I cannot login via the local console or via ssh no matter which username and password I try.  I have tried every local username on the ACS server as well as creating new ones with new passwords as superadmin but no success.  It always returns back a "Login incorrect" message.  I can use all of these same accounts to login to the web interface without failure.  Does anyone have any ideas on what the problem is?  What am I missing?


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Jatin Katyal
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

To log in to CLI, use the administrator user account (and the corresponding password) that you created during the setup process.

Accessing ACS CLI

Please be aware that the credentials used to login to the ACS CLI are entirely different than those used to authenticate at the ACS GUI screen  and have absolutely nothing to do with credentials specified elsewhere in the network (such as on an Active Directory server). 

In case you do not remember your CLI credentials (please note that these credentials are case sensitive), you can insert the ACS 5.x disc and follow the instructions for resetting the default administrator password.  This will set the username to administrator and password to default.  After, you should be able to create a new username and password through the ACS CLI.

For further reading on using the ACS command line interface, please refer to the link below:



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so let's say if I buy an CCA-3140 and it comes in w/o the recovery disk..they're is no way for me to reset the dmin password, and at this point it's a paperweight?

I know this post is almost 5 years old, but I just thought I would share that the recovery disc is actually just the installation disk.  You can download the installation for Cisco ACS from the Cisco website in the form of an ISO.  In the event that your ACS is physical, you can burn the ISO to a DVD.  In the case that your ACS is virtual, you can attach the ISO to the VM.  When you reboot, it detects the existing installation of ACS and offers to recover the password.