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CIsco ISE 1.2 License Integration

Hello, i have a customer which deployed 2 seperate wireless environment with both ise and wlc in two locations.

So 1 ise and 2 HA wlc in 1 site each.

One site uses 3315 with 100 base license & 100 adv license with 1.2 ise version

Another one uses 3415 with 750 base & 750 adv license

This customer wants to integrate this 2 seperate wireless system to 1 centralized wireless.

Theyhave just ordered and purchased a renewal license for both of ise but hasnt injected to the deployment

My question is, if I want to integrate this 2 seperate ise deployment into 1 and HA (redundant), can this 2 ise license injected to the future ise redundant deployment and added to 750+100 base & adv license?


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Cisco Employee

Re: CIsco ISE 1.2 License Integration

You can combine the ISE Deployments by adding the PSNs to the centralized deployment and Re-Hosting the licenses from the deployment you're retiring to the centralized deployment.

Re-Hosting ISE Licenses

I hope this answers the question.

Cisco Employee

Re: CIsco ISE 1.2 License Integration

The two distinct ISE Standalone deployments can be made work as one HA system with some minimal configuration changes.  Some considerations, the two ISE nodes can have different hardware platforms (in your case 3315 and 3415), however the ISE versions must match. Make sure you back up the configs, export the certificates and keys.  The licenses can be ported by re-hosting it, as explained by chmoreto in the other thread.