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Cisco ISE and FortiWLC IP Addresses not Displaying in Logs


No IP addresses are showing when configuring ISE as RADIUS server for FortiWLC. Has anyone seen something similar? Also, would be great if someone is able to verify the vendor attributes for Meru/Fortinet WLC. Thanks. 

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Does the FortiWLC support RADIUS Accounting?  If so, is it configured to send Accounting to ISE?  Do you also have a Fortinet/Meru RADIUS dictionaries installed?

Documentation says it does and I have it configured on FortiWLC. I am looking for more information on Fortinet/Meru RADIUS dictionaries. 

Let's see if the Fortinet dictionary adds any value. Thanks. 

Arne Bier
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VIP Advisor

@colbysunday - if the Fortinet NAS doesn't send this via RADIUS accounting then perhaps you can inform ISE via DHCP discovery probing. This assumes that the wireless clients use DHCP, and that the L3 gateway for the subnet can send a copy of the DHCP discovery to ISE (e.g. in the Cisco switch world, that would be the ip helper command). Then also, ISE would have to be configured for profiling (DHCP probe enabled). But perhaps all these components are in place ?

Yes. These configurations are already in place.
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