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Nicholas Poole

Cisco ISE custom guest multi portal configuration. How to?

Im trying to create a new multi portal configuration, and I am trying to follow the Cisco ISE user guide:

I have used the example HTML code as a starting point:

I have also changed the AuthZ profile redirect to point to my new manual portal.  When I test with a laptop I do get a redirect to the new portal but all i see is the actual code of the sample page, not the actual rendered web page.

Any ideas?

My guess is that the folder structure references might be wrong and based on the following phrases in the guide I find it very confusing as to what Cisco is actually saying.

First the doc says:

"All uploaded files are held in a single directory with no subdirectories. Add "portals/<portalname>" to indicate the path to the files in the HTML code"

But in the the sample code section it says:

"The following HTML examples reference a directory structure for a portal named demo2."

So they say it doesnt support directory structures first, and then their own example uses directories?  What is going on?

Thanks in advance!

Richard Atkin

I'll be looking at this myself next week so don't have any first hand experience yet, but the first thing that springs to mind is to reset back to using the Cisco default and then view the HTML source for that through your browser, this will allow you to see what structure you should be using.


Thanks for posting.  I think its starting to come together.

I think its safe to say that a proper web dev would be best to look at the creation of the files!  If you are like me and you are a network specialist/it guru we can probably get it to work.  But, would I want to be doing this for a customer?, trying to make all the language localisation versions and ensuring all images are the right size and format and testing on all the client types?  hmm, not ideal.

Ill be glad I understand this to be able to point customers in the right direction, but I wont be advising them to do it unless they do have a web dev.

I just hope Cisco can improve their default portal customisation to at least include changing the font colour!

Nicholas Poole

Ok so copying the html text from a Firefox browser didnt seem to work to well, using Chrome did.  I can now actually see the login page, but now I just need to work on the HTML if I can remember it...

Although the docs say using a custom portal will stop the default portal theme from working, the default portal theme still changes the look of the sponsor portal which changing the guest multi-portal doesnt.

Ravi Singh
Rising star

Hello Nicholas,

In my environment it is working fine. I think there is some problem with you Laptop browser. Please try another machine or another browser.

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