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CIsco ISE Device Registration page showing 'currently unable to connect to the network' error

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I'm deploying ISE and I'm trying to get Android devices to authenticate using certificates. Users are being redirected successfully to the Guest portal but on getting to the device registration page, the following errors show up 'device not registered' and 'currently unable to connect to the network'. Only a 'Try again' button is provided. I have even installed the Cisco SPW android agent manually.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? What was the solution? I'm referring to the Cisco TruststSec How to docs on differentiated access using certificates and BYOD provisioning.


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Saurav Lodh
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Level 7

post the authorization rules

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

In addition to what Salodh asked for you I would like to see a screen shot of:

1. The detailed window of the live authentication event for this client

2. The ACL and its entries being used for:

- Redirection/Device registration

- Client Provisioning (Allowing Access to the Google Play)

3. Your client provisioning policies


Thank you for rating helpful posts!

Hi Salodh and Neno,

Sorry for getting back here late.

I was assisted by TAC to resolve this issue. The problem was that RADIUS Accounting was enabled on both the Foreign and Anchor WLCs.

As advised by TAC:

"The device registration did not work as ISE was not able to find the session information about the client in its session cache. This is because ISE was receiving accounting updates about the same client from both the Anchor and the foreign controller. We disabled radius accounting on the anchor controller and the device registration started working."

Thanks for getting back to me either way guys. Device registration is now working.

Oh very interesting! Thanks for taking the time to come back and let us know what the solution was (+5 from me).

If your issue is resolved you should mark the thread as "answered" :)

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