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Cisco ISE - Expired certificates cannot be deleted.

We just renewed our public cert, which I installed on my ISE nodes.  I have attempted to delete the expired cert, but get various errors and cannot delete them.  I did not see any related bug.   Ideas?


Errors on the PSNs

I am not sure how I change the portal configuration?...


Error on the PANs



Cisco Employee

Before a certificate can be deleted, all of its current tasks/functions must be assigned to another certificate. So you should first:

- Import your new cert

- Edit the cert and assign the EAP Authentication and Portal Certificate Group Tag that you are currently using to it. 

- Then go back and delete the old certificate


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What if I have a cert whose functions I no longer want assigned to a particular ISE node?  For example, when we originally setup the primary PAN, we assigned the cert Portal, EAP Authentication, and Admin functions.

We only want/need the Admin function for the PANs, so how do I get rid of the other functions?



So you cannot disable EAP...You can decide to not use it in your ISE policies but the protocol is always there and it needs a certificate coupled to that function.

For the guest portal: You can delete all of the guest portal that you don't use and thus removing the need for that function.

To make things easier, you can just generate a self-signed cert and assign all of services that you are not using to it.


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