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Cisco ISE NTP MD5 hash is 20-Bytes?


When attempting to configure an NTP authentication-key in the Cisco ISE CLI I noticed that it will not accept an md5 hash of 32 characters (16 bytes). Instead it is expecting a 40 character (20 bytes) hash. That is in line with a SHA-1 hash, not an MD5 hash even though there is no SHA-1 keyword, only an MD5 keyword.

What's the deal?

Cisco ISE Version: (Update 3)

ise/user(config)# ntp authentication-key 75 ?
  md5  MD5 authentication

ise/user(config)# ntp authentication-key 75 md5 hash ?
  <WORD>  Hashed key for authentication (Max Size - 40)

ise/user(config)# ntp authentication-key 75 md5 hash 12345678901234567890123456789012
% ERROR: Bad hashed key.

ise/user(config)# ntp authentication-key 75 md5 plain test
ise/user(config)# do show run | i md5
ntp authentication-key 75 md5 hash 97dc37c94236ec1b4c56871c2e482cbd6f56bd33

That's not an MD5 hash as it's 40 characters long (20 bytes).

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hmm, that is an interesting observation. I am guessing that it is a typo and should be "sha-1" because 40 characters is definitely not MD5 :)

I would suggest you open a case with Cisco TAC and report this. If you get a bug ID or a different answer please let us know. 


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