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Cisco Profiler Policy question.....

Kevin S Hatch
Level 1
Level 1

A former admin of the my environment, went and changed some of the Profiling policies, so that they now say Administrator Modified instead of Cisco Provided.


ie.... Windows10-Workstation or Apple-Device


Is there a good way to restore the Original Profile Policies within an  our enviroment  back to (Cisco Provided)?


ISE 2.7 patch 4




Thanks in advance for any help.

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Greg Gibbs
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

When a Cisco Provided Profiling Policy or Logical Profile is modified, the System Type will change to 'Administrator Modified'. If you delete those Policies, ISE will revert back to the default Cisco Provided configuration.

If any of your AuthZ Policies are using those Logical Profiles or Policies, there is a chance of this impacting connectivity of those endpoints. This should be done in a change window and it would be best to export all of the current profiler elements before making those changes in case you need to revert back.