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Configuring Downloadable ACL for VPN Users

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Hello Guys, Could anyone help me?

I am trying to configure a Dynamic ACL for VPN users following the steps of "jrabinow" manual (check the link attached), but it doesn't work and i dont know why?.....

In my case, i have one Firewall ASA configured like a TACACS+ client of my ACS Server and my user database (DB) is configured like internal in this ACS server. When a user (of the internal DB) make a vpn connection, the authentication goes well but the Dynamic ACL never is applied.

i did the following....

1. i created a user attribute to store the DACL name of type string then

2. i checked that the user attribute can be created as a part of each user record, after that

3. i created a authorization profile and i associated the name of attribute created in the step 1 (Common Tasks --> Downloadable ACL Name --> Dynamic --> Internal Users and then

4. i created the "Downloadable ACL" and i set the contents of DACL attribute with the name selected for the Downloadable ACL and after that.

5. i am ready with the configuration??? o what else??

i hope that something is missing in my configuration.


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I forgot to say that the ACS server is installed with version 5.1

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