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Error oppening acs logs


I have problem with ACS 5.0 on reporting.  On "Monitoring and Report" page  in  Faverite Reports when i clicking on "Authentications - RADIUS - Today", My browser displays error "Error while reading skin-access.config. Please make sure the file exists and conforms to the schema specified"

I must also mention that I never upgraded the version of ACS from 5.0 also from command line all the acs services are running. It is running on CISCO 1120 Secure Access Controll Server apliance.

My second question is can I upgrade the version of ACS to 5.4 with Cisco Secure ACS 5 Base License?

If I am writing at wrong place please let me know

Thank you in advance

Rising star

Which version of browser are you using?

You can upgrade to ACS 5.4 and continue to use the same base license

You would need to upgrade in multi steps since cannot directly go from 5.0 to 5.4

I am using Mozilla firefox 19.0 newest version and Internet Explorer 8.0.6001...

Thank you for fast response

I do not believe either of these browsers are supported in ACS 5.0. I can't even remember what was supported in ACS 5.0 since is so long ago.

Your best bet is the 5.0 upgrade. I believe can do this in two stages:

- upgrade to 5.2

- upgrade to 5.4

Will check a bit more on the specifics if this proves relevant and have a bit more time

the browsers supported on ACS 5.0 are listed here:

for more info about upgrading to ACS 5.4, please check the following link:


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