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How do I restrict access to 4 devices using ACS

Level 1
Level 1

Currenlty in our ACS we have Group A configured to have access to all network devices-f with ull privilege level 15 access to all devies

We are now trying to implement 4 new users, however we only want them

to have access to 4 devices-routers (4 IP addresses)-and only have

basic level 1 functions in the router

Is this done under Network Access Filter or Network Access Group?

Do I need to create a new group or can I somehow implent that into

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What version of ACS are you using, and what protocol (RADIUS or TACACS+)?

I'm using ACS v 4.2 on windows server-TACACS

Under NAF I have configured the IP's of the server I want them to access under Selected Items

Under NAR I have permitted calling point

with the NAF and  *  *

Under the Group Settings

Network Access Restrictions (NAR)Help on Network Access Restrictions (NAR)
  Shared Network Access Restrictions

Only Allow network access when
All selected NARs result in permi


all selected NARs result in permit..with the NAR i just configured in the selected NAR list