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How to generate manually a Certificate from ISE CA ?
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We run ISE

Our ISE is set as Certificate Authority (Administration > System > Certificates).

Usually Endpoints obtain certificates automatically from Certificate Templates.

I would like to generate manually a Certificate from ISE Certificate Authority, to insert it manually into a special support/OS (as WinPE).

Do you know how can I generate this Certificate from ISE Certificate Authority?

Do there have a direct/simple way?... or do I have to create a dedicated Certificate Templates, and use an endpoint (as Windows PC) to generate automatically a Certificate, them export this Certificate from this endpoint and insert it manually into a special support/OS (as WinPE)?



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello Chris-

The feature that you are looking for is available in ISE but in version 2.0 and above. In ISE 2.0 a Certificate Provisioning Portal:

The Certificate Provisioning portal allows employees to request certificates for devices that cannot go through the onboarding flow. For example, devices such as point-of-sale terminals cannot go through the BYOD flow and need to be issued certificates manually. The Certificate Provisioning portal allows a privileged set of users to upload a certificate request for such devices, generate key pairs (if required), and download the certificate. Employees can access this portal and request for a single certificate or make a bulk certificate request using a CSV file.

I hope this helps!

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