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ISE 1.1 implementation

Hello all,

I am new to Cisco ISE and attened a Cisco training last month on the same. Now i have been assigned for an implementation for 2 3315 applainces with advanced licenses for 100 users. Kindly someone tell me how many days it might take to comple the installation? Anyone with experience on the same please help me.

thanks a ton in advance

Najeeb, Dubai



I've implemented ISE only on wireless and I got it running within hours.

My scenario: corporate users with smart phones go to vlan 2

                    corporate users with laptop/windows pc go to vlan 3

I have a wireless controller and it was pretty straight forward.

I also have 2 3315 appliances, I configured them as follows:


ISE 1 = Administration(PRIMARY), Monitoring(SECONDARY)

ISE 2 = Administration(SECONDARY) Monitoring(PRIMARY)

You need to have database passwords the same on both appliances during initial setup.

Note: when you access ISE1 you will get a certificate error and the page wouldn't display completely, you need to access ISE2 by entering e fully qualified domain name (FQDN) not just ip address  and accept the certificate error, go back to ISE 1, refresh and you should be okay

This is because ISE2 has primary monitoring role (you will see live authentiation on ISE1 fetched from ISE2)

Let me know if you have any questions.


For 2 3315 appliance with 100 users you will be using the following  scenario:

High Availability:

You will be opting for HA & you will make each node worke as  standalone devices that is all monitoring, admin and police personas in  the same node.One node will be primary and the other will be  secondary.The secondary node will have to be registered to the primary  and all the replication will be done on the secondary as soon as it gets  registered and when primary node goes down, you have to manually set  the secondary as primary.

Following links will be helpful for you to install it in your  environment :

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