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ISE 1.1 sponsor portal different type of guest accounts

Hi there

I just played around with the ISE sponsor portal. I have the following 3 requirements, but I don't see a way the get there with the actuals sponsor portal features:

1. I would like to create a event user (one single user for multiple logins) with a given username and a given password

2. I would like to create a single user with a given username and a given password

3. How can I change the password of such a user

At the moment I am a little disappointed from the sponsor portal, there are not that features or I can't see the way to get there ;-)

Can anybody confirm the above problems?

Best regards


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Rising star

I believe you will need to create the guest user in the regular ISE gui, if you wan't to specify the account password yourself, and don't want ise to auto-generate it for you.

Menu Administration-> Identities -> Users : Add User and select "Guest" as user Group

Hi Jan

thanks for your feedback. I already thought about this alternative, but then I think I have the following disadvantages:

1. The login to the ISE admin gui is based on internal users OR active directory users, but I can not combine both (identity souce sequence), as far as I saw?

2. ALL users can edit and see ALL users and all groups of other users?

Or am I wrong with this?



True, there are some limitations with using the admin gui to create guest users. And you are correct about the ad vs. internal, only one can be chosen, there is no support for using a source sequence for admin access. If you use internal users, you can at least assign roles to them, so not all users haw access to changing/creating users.

It is possible to use internal users as well as AD users for admin.

I'm not actually sure whetehr it's possible to stop using Internal Users.

I have it working using both, primarily as I don't have AD credentials on customer site, so they use AD credentials and I stick to using Internal Admin User.

I still haven't understood your original question entirely, but if you select the guest username to be created based on email address (rather than first name/last name), then you can create a single username using a fictional email address, and allow the user to change the password on first login. You can then change the password to whatever you want.

Does that fit?

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