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ISE 1.2 eval

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Hi Guys

Is there still ISE 1,2 eval available?

If there is where can i get a copy from?

I'm and studying 300-208. So need it for this

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Please see How to Get ISE Evaluation Software & Licenses.

I updated it to include the link to the free ISE Evaluation download folder.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

All versions of ISE include a 90-day free trial/evaluation. Simply download the desired OVA or ISO file from the ISE Software Download area. Use the Eval OVA file for the most flexibility in terms of CPU and RAM requirements if you'll be running this on a laptop or VM with less than the equivalent resources of the 3415 or 3495 appliance.

It appears that the ISO and OVA files for ISE 1.2.1 and earlier have been removed. You'll need to use version 1.3 or later to study for your SISAS exam. This is good because the Guest capabilities were totally reworked in ISE 1.3 so you'll be learning with the newer Guest workcenter!

Hi Thomas

thanks for the reply. much appreciated.

There away to get the ISE 1.3 eval without having a service contract?

If you are a Cisco customer, please contact your local Cisco Sales Account Team or Cisco Partner and they can get the software for you.

unfortunately i am not a Cisco custome or Cisco Partner .

I’m Busy studying CCNP Security. I have studied and passed CCNP security 300-206

I’m now studying CCNP security 300-208. I require Cisco ISE 1.3 Evaluation for my studies.

Is there no other legal way of acquiring it?


Have you tried the certification and communities online support center? You may be able to find some information there to help resolve your issue.

Support Home Page

Hope this helps.

Kelli Glass

Moderator for Cisco Customer Communities

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


We've tried for several months to make ISE software freely downloadable for trial without a purchase contract.

Unfortunately Cisco's policy just wont allow this.

If you email me directly (, I can make a trial copy of the software available to you directly.

We hope to have this fixed after ISE 2.2 is released early next year.

Sorry for the inconvenience,


Hi Thomas,

Is this something you are doing for others looking to sit the SISAS exam but lack the ability to download it?

Having the 90 day evaluation version of ISE 1.3 (or later) would be a big help. 

Thank you,


Our ISE product team has tried to make the evaluation software freely available to anyone. Our corporate software distribution policies will not allow anonymous downloading due to our relaxed licensing enforcement of the ISE evaluation license. This will change with ISE 2.2 but until then we have to follow the rules.

Email me directly ( with a legitimate school or partner or customer email (not gmail, yahoo, etc.) and I will provide a link for you to download it.

Hi Thomas,

I see ISE 2.2 is available but still not available for download.  I don't fit into either of the groups you identified any longer but would still like to re-certify my existing CCNA Security by taking the SISAS exam.

Please advise.



Now that we have implemented License Enforcement in the ISE 2.2 Release we should be able to post ISE 2.2 in the Cisco Download Center for free trial/evaluation downloads. I'm waiting on the PM and Release team to make the changes but until then I can make the software available to you in a download area.

Chris: I sent you an email with the download info!

This is amazing

Thank you!

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Level 1

Hi Thomas, as of 3/20/2017, the website still requires entitlement to download ISE.  Can I get access to your download area?

Thanks Sir.

Eric "Rick" Martin

Please send your email requests from legitimate school or work domains and not personal, vanity or empty domains.

I also reject requests from Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. and other generic email services.

Including a link to your LinkedIn account is also helpful.

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Level 1

Hey could you advice me on how I can download ISE and firepower software for my studies.