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ISE 1.3 Multiple PSN's and Guest Credential Propagation


Hi There, I am struggling to find any information about Guest Credential Propagation in 1.3

I have 1 x Admin 1 x Backup admin Node 3 x PSN's

In 1.2 Each PSN hosted a guest portal/guest admin portal. As far as I can see that's now changed with 1.3 with 1 URL pointing to one PSN. We have multiple PSN's in different geographical zones to keep the authentication latency down but I am not sure how long it takes for the PSN where the single URL points to update all the PSN's in the deployment.

Does any one have any insight/ done this?

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Rising star
Rising star

Not sure where you are seeing this ? All PSNs still have the guest portal.

Hi Jan, its more the sponsor portal that is the issue as there is only one URL into that portal. So that portal is on just one PSN/url as far as I am aware. Happy to be told otherwise!

Well, that is only because you are putting a fqdn in there, you don't actually have to. However if you wan't redundancy, you should probably use a load-balancer for that specific url/ip

If you remove that fqdn, and then try the Portal Test URL link up to the rigth of the name of the portal, you will see the actual url, this should be possible to use on any PSN


https://<any psn>:8443/sponsorportal/PortalSetup.action?portal=<sponsor portal id number>

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