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ISE 1.3 Remove fields from the Sponsorportal



we´ve recently upgraded our ISE 1.2 to version 1.3 and now I need to remove the Fields "Phone number", "Reason for visit" and Group Tag from the Sponsorportal. I couldn´t find it in the backend or in the CSS-File.


Where can I do that? Help is much appreciated!

Cisco Employee

When providing guest access,

When providing guest access, you may want to collect information from your guests beyond just their names, email addresses, and phone numbers. Cisco ISE provides custom fields that you can use to collect additional information about guests that is specific to your company’s needs. You can associate the custom fields with guest types and with the Self-Registered Guest and Sponsor portals. Cisco ISE does not provide any default custom fields.


    Step 1  To add, edit, or delete custom fields for all Guest and Sponsor portals, choose Guest Access > Settings > Custom Fields.
    Step 2  Enter the Custom Field Name, pick a Data Type from the drop-down list, and enter Tip Text to help provide additional information about the custom field. For instance, if you enter Date of Birth, pick Date-MDY, and enter a tip for the date format as MM/DD/YYYY.
    Step 3   Click Add.

    The custom field appears in the list in alphabetical order or in the context of the sorted order.

    Step 4  Click Save. If you do not want to save any updates you made to the settings, click Reset to revert to the last saved values.

    If you delete a custom field, it will no longer be available for selection in the Custom Fields list for guest types and in the Self-Registered Guest and Sponsor portals settings. If the field is being used, Delete will be disabled.

    Rising star

    It's really well hidden...go

    I auapect what you are looking for is to remove the regular fields you don't want, not to add extra fields ?

    It's really well hidden...go to your sponsor portal and then the customization menu, click  the "Create accounts for known guests" page, and click the settings tab on the right side, on the little preview page


    thank you for that screenshot

    thank you for that screenshot!