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ISE p#1 and Google LDAPS

Hi Everyone,


I have successfully configured an LDAPS binding between Cisco ISE and Google LDAPS (available with Cloud Identity Premium) and I can retrieve users and groups (needed custom schema settings). I were able to do that only by using a linux server with stunnel to proxy the connection.


Is there a chance to connect to Google LDAPS directly from Cisco ISE? what it seems to be the issue is the lack of support for LDAP authentication via certificate as it is a Google LDAPS requirement.


Thank you!


Additionally I have been working on creating an authorization flow that would match group membership from Google LDAP after fetching the username from a user certificate where the CN is the email of the user.


So far I have been unable to get the External LDAP groups.


Thinking it was a problem with subject format, I tried with a dummy PAP authentication against Google LDAP identity store and I could authenticate, retrieve extra attributes but no way I could retrieve group membership.


Also I tried by adding "memberOf" as an additional attribute in the LDAP connector in ISE and when I can process the authentication with PAP I can also retrieve data from these attributes but in Wireless EAP-TLS there is no chance to go through the authentication flow (no binary comparison available for certs since Google LDAP host no user certificate...) and so I cannot retrieve any attribute to use in the authorization flow.


Long story, was anyone able to make this work or has any suggestion?

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